Thursday, July 1, 2010

Take a break

Take a break & drink some lemon tea in a raining scene...

Is such a delighting moment...

Have u ever attempted to try that?

Saturday, February 27, 2010

This time. felt like writing in Mandarin.... thou there are some words I'd forgotten, I actually made an effort to call up my zi mui to cross ref & confirm... This piece is the 1st time am expressing in Mandarin after at least 8yrs fm the last time I wrote:

原来啊,这世间里,巧合,缘分和遇到了那个唯一,并不易。再说,不管你信与否,即使给你找到了,那一刻是不留人的。尽管你多费心,把那一刻挽留,对方突然间又放弃以为你并不认真时,尽管他真是你的缘份; 他,已经把他们之间的缘份,送给了天使,带去了一个地方叫做"不可能"


Friday, February 26, 2010

Time Flies

CNY is coming to an end....
Still want to wish you Gong Hei Fatt Choy ;)

Sharing a photo with you fm Ipoh - one of the limestone hills

Monday, February 22, 2010

a Story on a Serene Sunday Part2 (Last Episode)

So remember there's a part one on this story, so the last episode is here:

So the coffee spilt, but it seems Bill is as calm as ever. Slowly took out the tissues & pass some to Emily. Bill just lightly brush it off fm his shoulder.

For a while, Emily just turned wordless & just made that closure with "oh, I rmber that there's traveling info that i had obtained already, let me get home now & send it to you. Bye"

The End

Do not ask me why it is so abrupt, bcos, the truth is, many a times, there always situations, more abrupt than this above. Guess you just have to come into acceptance that there are things which will stay shorter than a breath.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Right at the Moment

Right at the moment...


I am thinking of Starbucks now....sigh

I Just Want to Know

Clearly wasn't clear why she thinks so.

There's so much of ambiguity & vagueness in there. I used to like it, but not this one......just not this one. I want to know if this is true or whether it is even real. Please I beg, I want to know.

Yesterday, after a bad lecture from heart actually broken..but I guess this is necessary for me to wake up. I know you are in all good intentions, but somehow, I am so scared @ the other end to tell you that how much I want to know. She couldn't concentrate it is true. She can't get her mind out of something, that is also true. Despite the many times self denial that she is crazy & kept telling that this is not gonna be impossible, she still can't help thinking over & over again..obsessed or what? toxicated or immuned? arghh...too complicated to know. Felt silly when I sat, stood, walked, & sat back & stood. This just so not right. At least I felt not right..with myself of course.

Am listening to the Point back to Circle by a melancholic singer. There's stars shining in the lyrics, there's regret in her voice, there's the let go feeling, there's the new hope turn, there's happiness in her tears. What does all these means. She hopes it really means something to her. She hopes & she will know the answer in the name of fundamental rule of time. Yea, time.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Story on a Serene Sunday (& it has got no last episode yet)

There's a story I would like to tell today. & if it sounds hypothetical, it is hypothetical.

Emily wasn't aware that she had that feeling with her. All she did was ignoring that tiny lil calling in her that she really needs to meet Bill all the time. Not that Bill can solve all the problems or at least solve some problems of her at that point of time; the point is Emily just donno what's got into her that she needs to get that calm feeling radiated naturally out from Bill.

So this is how it inflicted.... two days ago, Emily was quietly reading her novel after going thru the whole rough day of her personal issues, she uncomfortably lean against the wall with the pillow & just went through page by page. Until suddenly her phone rang...... that is where it all started without Emily knowing that this had changed her slowly & quietly.

Bill was asking if Emily can help her to get the information from Emily's friend, Lynne, who works in an airline company, that is there any good deal for flights. Emily, without second thought, just said yes & rang Lynne up. Lynne was actually in Italy backpacking, & so Emily couldn't get her on the phone, so she thought perhaps call another day. Emily called Bill that she will catch up with another friend to see if she can get the information. Bill said ok, he will wait.

5 days had past, Emily didn't call. Bill got worried, because he remembered that he will get a reply before that day. Bill walked over to her house & surprisingly there's nobody at home. He thought then fine, will catch up with her another day.

While Bill is wondering, on the other end, Emily is actually sitting in the park, then walking back & forth on the jogging track. She knew she is anxious & probably clueless what has got into her. She realized that she gets nervous when she sees him. Her heart pounded so hardly that she thought she couldn't even breath each time Emily sees him jogging early in the park. She wanted to tell Bill a couple of days ago on the flight info, that how much it really cost. But the unknown thought of what is causing her to hesitate to meet him is mind boggling. She felt she is in contradiction with herself. To meet or not to meet...

Emily thought to herself: cummon' am just supposed to pass him the information; & why am I canceling my phone call to him each time I wanted to call him up. & why am I so restless. I just couldn't stare into his eyes, didn't I. I tried to, but I didn't. So wassup with you, Emily? What's wrong with you actually? Her mind wandered in the beautiful park, & then the graceful swan....not until she actually bumped into somebody & the coffee spilt on the floor. It is his coffee.......

What happened next? To be honest, as a narrator, I donno yet. Will let u all know how this story ends, in due time I promise.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A walk to the door, A walk to the past


If I got a jetplane > I am gonna fly to the Pluto
If I got a say> I will tell her please cooperate & start thinking strategically
If I got a vote> I will vote for peace
If I am on a ferry> I will sing my heart out
If I can make a wish> I wish I can be happy forever
If I know that one day I will realize what I am doing is not worth it> I will not do that again'
If I have a chance to say sorry to her> I will say, look, you made me pissed off first
If I do have a choice> I will take that & go
If I only can thank one person> I will say thanks to my ex-landlord
If you asked me what I am doing here> I will tell you, isn't that obvious?
now if I tell you if all these can work, I will not be writing here.

Of all these things, there's only one thing can work: If I don say all these@ all, I think it had worked out well :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

a SUNday.

A day with a Sun.

I don't know since when I'd been getting the procrastinating bug. That is just so not me. I love working & constantly having activities most of the times. But, something just gotten into me. Everything does seem not so important anymore.

Is that because I had this discovery of Life is too Short to work your ass off without enjoying life? Maybe I start to find that comfort zone in enjoying life.

But am in a dilemma, between enjoying & working, it seems lopsided now. I don't know what to do with myself, nor do I know what should I do for now.

Leave it as it is?

The answer will surface?

Or fade by itself?

Friday, January 8, 2010

The Age of Stupid? (so apt)

I just wanna cast this down to remind the world on how stupid we can be sometimes.

They forget science. Humans are from one source (the creation of 2 things). & religion is something we believe, & this action is so stupid b'cos one couldnt believe & trust each other just bcos of religion? & they forget that they are just the same?

The science didn't run, we are made of cells only & we have a time span to live. & that is not very long. Life is short. What are they doing there?

My Indulgence & Addiction:

A - Accessories, Arts
B - Blogging, Baseball
C - Caramel, "Coffee Prince", Celine Dion
D - Dance
E - Email? errrr, no but addiction
F - Facebook
G - Google, Gaming, Garlic, Golf
H - Heritage, Heidi Klum
I - Ice-skating, I-Pod
J - Jimmy Choo, Japanese spirit
K - Korean culture
L - Latin songs
M - Mint, Macbook
N - Nature
O - October (don't ask me why, I don't have a reason for this)
P - Photography, Plurk
Q - QE2
R - Roses, Resumes? (that's my job, so I call it an addiction :D)
S - Starbucks, Shoes
T - Taeyang
U - U-tube (YouTube)
V - Vegetable
W - Wondering
X - X-ray (no, just so happen this time around too frequent)
Y - Y? (I always ask Y if you noticed)
Z - [don't you know that dictionary hardly has many Z-range word? but I think I will put Z for Zorro] :)

My New Buddy - Snowbank.
So cheeky like me :)

Am glad that she caught my attention & I decided to buy it for myself. First time buy a Soft Toy for myself. Felt excited, happy, funny @ the same time, & most importantly, it melts me down :D

She will be gOod :P